Every business is digital and digital business success depends on good customer experiences.

Dynatrace’s digital performance management platform was built to help customers deliver great customer experiences, accelerate release cycles, simplify operations and provide relevant insights for all related organizational units such as:

– operations teams (fault domain isolation, improving MTTR and MTBF, monitoring capabilities, delivering on customer satisfaction and SLAs, optimizing spend on hardware, software and resources, etc);

– development team (performance focused application life-cycle management, regression analysis, etc);

– quality assurance (reducing and automating test cycles and efforts, uncover hidden problems in applications from third party suppliers);

– digital business owners (user analytics and dashboards for marketing, electronic / digital channels, customer care, management, sales, etc).

We really hope that ROCS event agenda attracts you and you are going to take part in it. Beside our presentations on 24-25. November Dynatrace are going to run an exhibition corner in the lobby, where we can have the chance to discuss technical and / or business topics in a live demo environment based on your interests.

Further details about Dynatrace – the leading solution provider in application performance management – can be read in the latest Gartner analyzes (download the report here) and via the official website: www.dynatrace.com